How do I export feedback to Excel?

It is possible to export your feedback to excel, however, it is not always relevant to export all feedback to an excel file. In this article, we will explain how you can export all feedback and selected feedback.

All Feedback

Step 1: Quick export

In the Feedback inbox, click on ‘Export feedback’, and select ‘Quick export’ in the dropdown.

Step 2: Edit

Give your export a name, select the format, the column names and sheet settings:

Below, you will find more information on the Column names and Export sheet settings

Selected Feedback

Step 1: Advanced export

Under ‘Reporting’ > ‘Feedback inbox’, you will find all your collected feedback. In the top left corner, click on ‘Export Feedback’, and select ‘Advanced export’ in the dropdown.

Step 2: Select source

Here, you can select a date range or make a schedule. Choose which source to include in your export, or, choose to export all feedback. Next, you can choose which fields to include in the export. You can add all data sources, filter out all inactive fields, or apply a custom selection.

Step 3: Select filters

In the next step, you can select which filters to apply. You could, for example, filter on open comments, browser and/or tags. Alternatively, you can use custom filters.

Step 4: Export settings

In the last step, you can give your export a name, and choose in what format you would like to export your feedback. Furthermore, it is also possible to select whether or not to use the question titles as column names. Alternatively, you could use form id, question titles and data field id combined, or just the data field name as column names.

If you have chosen to export all data fields in the ‘Select source’ step, and you would like to export as an Excel sheet ('Export settings' step), you will also have the option to split the export into different sheets:

When you are all set, click on the blue ‘Send export’ button. You will get an in-app notification and an email with the download link. Click on the link, and the export will download right away.

Tick the ‘Save settings as template’ to save the current export settings

Use question titles as column name

This option shows the actual question titles as column names. These column names will change when question titles are changed.

Use form ID, question titles, and data field ID combined as column name

This option will also show the unique form ID, the actual question title, and the unique data field ID.

Use the data field name as the column name

This option will only show the data field ID. The data field ID is a unique number that does not change when the question title is changed.

Export data sources into separate sheets

This way, a new Excel sheet is created for each feedback form, rather than that they are all combined together in one sheet: