How do I schedule my feedback export?

If you export feedback a lot, scheduling the exports could be handy. This article will explain how you can do this.

Step 1: Schedule exports

There are 2 ways to schedule exports. The first way is via ‘Feedback inbox’>'Export feedback'>'Advanced export'>'Make a schedule'.

The second way is via ‘Feedback exports’>'Scheduled exports'>'Add scheduled export'.

Step 2: Edit

Here, you can set the desired settings for your schedule. Choose whether you want to export daily, weekly or monthly and on which day and time.

Step 3: Finish the other settings

Lastly, finish off your export by selecting filters and editing export settings.

It is possible to send the scheduled export to multiple users. This can be set in ‘Export settings’.

Scheduled exports

If you have created your scheduled exports, you will be able to find an overview under ‘Feedback exports’>'Scheduled exports':