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Getting started

Welcome to the Mopinion Knowledge Base, if you are completely new to Mopinion and just starting out, we have some quick tips to get you started.

Building a new feedback form

If you are looking for information on building a feedback form, by adding logic to a survey or changing the design, for example, you can find all related articles right here: Building feedback forms.

Deploying to your site

Once you’ve built your surveys, you will have to make sure they are placed on your site. This is done by adding them to your deployment. Within your deployment, you can add rules and triggers that will determine how and when a survey should show.

When these rules have been set up you do need to make sure that the deployment script is present on the page so we can determine if a survey should be shown. This script can be hardcoded on every page or you can use a tag manager of your choice, for example, Google Tag Manager. The good news is that in general, you would only have to do this once. Once a deployment is active on your site you can add more surveys to this one deployment.

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