How can forms be triggered?

Mopinion has the following form triggers:

  1. By Button

  2. Proactively

  3. On-Page leave


Go to Date collectionDeployments.

Click the pencil icon of the deployment you want to edit.

How to configure the different forms of triggers?

By Button

Triggered by button means a button will show on the screen, if the specified deployment conditions are satisfied, which the customer must click to open the form.


Triggered proactively means that the form will show up by itself if it satisfies the specified deployment conditions.

On-Page leave

Triggered on page leave means that the form will appear when the visitor tries to leave the page.

Be aware that the on-page leave trigger is only available on laptop and desktop devices. Mobile devices cannot use the trigger on-page leave.

The on-page leave trigger checks mouse movement. As soon as your mouse pointer moves out of the browser window into the browser address bar, the on-page leave is triggered.

More information on these three options can be found in this article.