How do I check the deployment conditions on my website?

Once you have installed the Mopinion Deployment Code and set up the conditions for your forms where and when to appear you are probably eager to see that for real on your website.

Of course, you can just go to an URL where you set a form to appear and see if it is there. However, with multiple conditions, you cannot always see which ones are already met and which ones you are still waiting for. Luckily it is possible to see in the browser console what conditions you created and whether they are met.

Step 1: Browser developer tools

Open your browser developer tools. Select the 'Console' tab.

Type the following text on the command line and press Enter.


Step 3: Reload

Then reload the webpage. To reload either use Ctrl + SHIFT + F5 or type in the following text on the command line and press Enter:



localStorage.clear(); location.reload();

If implemented correctly the console will log all the conditions and its evaluation of them for the webpage.

Step 4: Console logs

How should you interpret the console log? There can be 3 different types of console log results.

1. Mopinion Deployment Code (MDC) not loaded

If the MDC is not loaded, no console log will show.

2. Multiple Deployment Codes loaded

This will result in a malfunction of the deploymentcode. Make sure you only load one code.

3. Mopinion Deployment Code loaded, but deployment switched off

If the MDC is loaded correctly, but the deployment code is switched off the console log will look like the below.

In Mopinion you can see whether your deployment code is active or not, by clicking on ‘Data collection’, on the left-hand side of the page, then, ‘Deployments’.

Click on the pencil button, and you will be able to switch the status at the top of the page:

4. Mopinion Deployment Code loaded, conditions checked

If the MDC has loaded correctly, all conditions for the forms will be checked. Each condition can be recognized as a rule in the console. The first condition in the Mopinion Deployment Manager is rule 0 in the console log. A JSON object holds all the settings for the condition. The unique form key is the form reference. See to match the form key with the form name.

All settings are evaluated. Behind the setting, you can then see whether the setting was true or false. If all are true the feedback form will be loaded. If one is false the form will not be loaded.