How do I deploy my feedback forms?

To get into the deployment manager follow the steps on .

Step 1: Add feedback form

Add a feedback form by dragging it from the right panel into the left panel.

Step 2: Trigger type

Your feedback form has now been added to your deployment with a basic condition Trigger by button. On the right-hand side of your screen, you can change this to:

  • Triggered by button (a feedback button will be visible and the visitor has to click on this for the form to be shown)

  • Triggered proactively (the form will open/show automatically - depending on your trigger rules), or,

  • Triggered on page leave (the form will appear when the visitors tries to leave the page, often used to reduce shopping cart abandonment)

Conditions made with Triggered proactively and Triggered on page leave won’t show a button.

Condition setting duration

The setting Refresh condition settings per visitor after .. days. defines the lifetime of the Mopinion MSOpened and MSFeedbackSent cookies. These cookies facilitate that feedback forms with a page leave and/or proactive trigger condition won’t be shown again during the lifespan of the cookie.

Pause condition set

The setting Pause condition set enables you to temporarily turn a condition set off. That way you can disable the presence of a form.

As it is possible to create multiple trigger condition sets (see step 5) for a form you should pause all condition sets for a form to turn it of entirely.

Step 3: Add triggers

After choosing how the form will appear, you can choose from a number of different form trigger conditions.

  • Show only to a percentage of users

  • Show based on URL conditions

  • Show to users coming from a specific page

  • Show form after a specific time on a page

  • Show on a specific date

  • Show on a specific time

  • Show only to visitors using a certain device

  • Show form after a specific time on the entire website

  • Show to users after visiting a specific amount of pages

  • Show form after the user scrolls to a certain position

  • Show based on the users cookies

  • Show based on JavaScript variables on the page

  • Show based on HTML elements on the page

Do note, URL conditions are case-sensitive. In order to make your conditions case-insensitive, you will need to apply regex. This article will provide you with information on how to add regex.

Step 4: Save

After selecting your form triggers, hit the green save button and the triggers will be active immediately.

To read more about triggers, please read this article.

Implement the Mopinion script by implementing the tag in your HTML or using the Google Tag Manager.

See for more information on how to check why a form is or is not showing on a web page.

Step 5: Additional conditions

If you want the same form to trigger under an additional but different trigger set just add the form to the deployment settings again as you did in step 1. Then repeat steps 1 to 4 to add an additional condition.

Video Walkthrough