How do I use the Deployment Assistant?


How do I activate my Deployment Assistant?


An installed deployment code on your website.

Activate the Deployment Assistant

Via the deployment overview

Click the three dotschrome_ekVPgWUUlp.png for the deployment you would like to use the assistant with. Choose ‘Assistant’.



Via the deployment manager

Select the Assistant button image-20240327-110912.png .



A pop-up window will now appear where you can enter the address to your website. Once done, click ‘Let’s Test’.

Your website will open in a new tab with an added, little icon image-20240328-081814.png at the top right corner. This is your Deployment Assistant.

The assistant is only active on the device you activated it. It is not visible on other devices.

Assistant interface

Click the Deployment Assistant icon to open it. Here you can see all the forms in your deployment.


A. Name of the deployment.

B. Name of the form and the conditions.

C. Go straight to the feedback given for this form in the Mopinion inbox.

D. Go straight to the form in the Mopinion form builder.

E. Search for forms in this deployment.

F. Force a refresh of the deployment. Useful when you recently made changes to the deployment and they are not yet reflected on your page.

G. Close the assistant. The assistant button will disappear.


In the assistant, you can see whether a condition for a form is ‘initialised’ or ‘not initialised’.

This means:

  • Initialised: The condition criteria to make the form visible are met on your website.

  • Not initialised: The form currently isn’t visible to you. This is either because it’s paused or because you have set a condition is not met.

By clicking individual forms, you will get more information regarding their conditions and triggers.

How does the Deployment Assistant work?

How to see why a feedback form isn’t initialised

When clicking a feedback form in the Deployment Assistant you will see all the conditions and triggers that are added to it. If they are shown with a red dot, this means that this particular setting is preventing you from seeing the form.



This of course doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the feedback form itself. If you only intend to show the form during a certain period or for a certain percentage of your audience, for example, it is perfectly natural that the form might not show. 

What are the different options within the Deployment Assistant?

When opening a feedback form in the Deployment Assistant, you will get a few options:

  • Force Show: If your feedback form isn’t initialised, you can still view it on your website by clicking ‘Force Show’. The feedback form will then pop up and you can interact with it and test it on your own website.


  • View Feedback: Opens the Feedback inbox within the Mopinion portal and filters the items after the specific feedback form you have chosen.


  • Edit form: Do you spot something in the form that you want to change? By clicking ‘Edit form’ the editor within the Mopinion portal will open in a new tab. Make your changes and save the form! Go back to the tab with your Deployment Assistant and hit ‘Refresh’ to pull the most recent version of the form.


Tip: Do you want to preview a form without setting it live?

Select the feedback form you want to preview. Go to the ‘Targeting’ tab and activate the ‘Pause condition set’ toggle. 

The form is now hidden from your visitors, but you can view it with the Deployment Assistant. This is done with the force show option. 

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