Set up a webhook endpoint for Basecamp

To set up a webhook that will be able to post feedback results directly to Basecamp please follow the directions in this article: How to create an outgoing webhook? The instructions below will walk you through the steps you need to take on the Basecamp site to be able to receive the incoming data from Mopinion.


These are the specific steps you need to take in Basecamp to set up an endpoint for the webhook

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Basecamp account

  2. On the Mopinion webhooks page, select an existing integration and go to Step 4, or, add a new one and click on “Get API Token”, and go to the next step

  3. A new page will open, copy the code and paste it into the token field on the Mopinion webhook page. Your Basecamp workspaces will be loaded

  4. Select your integration and the project endpoints

  5. Select a data source and give your integration a name

The Webhook URL you have created is the endpoint you need.

You can now specify what data must be sent, you can continue with step 4 of this article: How to create an outgoing webhook?