Use incoming feedback to open tickets in Zendesk using Zapier

In this example, we will take incoming feedback from Mopinion and use it to create a new ticket in Zendesk.


In this tutorial we will cover how to:

  1. Create a zap in Zapier

  2. Setup a webhook in Mopinion

  3. Set up the zap so it uses the webhook data for ticket info in Zendesk

  4. Link Mopinion to Zendesk

Setting up Zapier

In your Zapier dashboard create a new zap by selecting MAKE A ZAP.


As a trigger, in STEP 1, When this happens…, you select Webhooks by Zapier:

Select the event Catch Hook, we want Zapier to listen to a POST request on a URL that Zapier provides to us.

When you now press the continue button, you are presented with the endpoint (the custom Webhook URL)

Setting up Mopinion

You need to use the URL that we created in Zapier as the endpoint in the webhook settings in Mopinion.

Choose create a new Webhook and select JSON hook:

Paste in the endpoint and press next.

Here you can select what data needs to be sent and if the data needs to be sent.

You can also give the webhook a name here.

Go to the preview page of the survey you used for the webhook and fill it out and submit it. If everything has been set up correctly you will be able to retrieve this in Zapier during the test data phase in the Zapier setup process.

It might take a few seconds to a couple of minutes for the data to be sent to Zapier.

Process the incoming data

As mentioned above, it might take some time to see the incoming data. If you do not see any data please make sure that:

  • The endpoints match

  • The webhook is active

  • The trigger for sending the webhook fired

  • The test data you submitted is from the survey that is attached to the webhook

In the case that data does not get through it is best to make the webhook as broad as possible (send everything all the time) and then determine via elimination what causes the webhook to fail.

If you are not able to set up a connection you can contact support at

If you are successful Zapier will show you the data it received. You can use these data points as details in the connection you are about to set up.

Setting up the connection from Zapier to Zendesk (or any other third party application)

In this example we will use Zendesk, the specific steps might differ from the program you are trying to connect to. In general, however, it will ask you to provide credentials, so the application can identify you and the endpoint, where the data must be sent to.

In Zendesk Go to the Admin page and to the API tab to enable Token access and create an API token.

The token you generated in Zendesk is the one you need to fill in in Zapier. When you have provided the requested data it is now time to connect the incoming fields to the fields that Zendesk expects and requires.

In our example, we can use the feedback ID as a subject and the provided contact information as Requester details.

Make sure to include the feedback as comment/description:

When all fields are filled in to your liking then you can test the connection by sending the test data that Zapier received from Mopinion to the third application. 

Zapier will tell you if the data was delivered successfully.

In Zendesk we now see our newly created issue:

Also, note that Zendesk will automatically send out a mail to the customer that a new issue was created. You can directly reply to the customer because we used their email address as the sender.

Ready to use

With all the steps above, your Mopinion to Zendesk connection is now ready to be used. Do make sure to activate this connection in Zapier to start using it!

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