Set up a webhook endpoint for Jira

To set up a webhook that will be able to post feedback results directly to Jira please follow the directions in this article: How to create an outgoing webhook? The instructions below will walk you through the steps you need to take on the Jira site to be able to receive the incoming data from Mopinion.

Currently, it is only possible to set up a webhook to a Jira Software project in Cloud. For Jira Server, it is not possible to make a connection using the Jira webhook in Mopinion.


These are the specific steps you need to take in Jira to set up an endpoint for the webhook

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Jira account.

  2. Select the Jira Software button on the Mopinion integrations overview page.

  3. You can select an existing Jira connection (B) or, add a new one (A). If you select an existing connection you can skip step 4. If you create a new connection by selecting the button with the + sign continue with step 4.

  4. Click on “Get API Token”.

    1. A new browser page with your Jira instance will open. Select Accept.

    2. The Jira instance will direct you back to Mopinion, where a modal will show with a token. Copy the token. You can then close this browser page.

    3. Go to your initial browser page where you started the creation of the integration. You will see a new modal. Paste the copied token into the Jira API token field, give your connection a name, and click SAVE CONNECTION.

  5. Select your integration. Select the Jira project where you want the Mopinion feedback items to create Jira issues. Select the issue type. Optionally you can add labels (do not use labels with a space, as Jira does not allow them) to the issue that will be generated.

  6. Select a data source (feedback form) and give your integration a name.

You can now specify what feedback data must be sent, you can continue with step 4 of this article: How to create an outgoing webhook?

You can use the generated Jira connection for multiple integrations. So if you connect to the same Jira instance you can use the same connection.