How do I integrate Mopinion feedback results in Salesforce using the web to case?

This article will explain step by step how you can add Mopinion feedback results as cases in Salesforce. The connection requires the creation of a Mopinion webhook and a Salesforce web to the case form. Basically, you will create an HTML web form in Salesforce. The fields of this form will be linked to the fields of the Mopinion feedback form. The Salesforce web form does not have to be published on your website.

While setting up this integration you will be switching between Mopinion and Salesforce. It is recommended to open both applications in different browser windows or tabs. For the last part of the setup, you will require the assistance of Mopinion.

Step 1: Create a webhook


Create a webhook for the form you want to connect in Mopinion. See . Where the Salesforce API endpoint for this webhook can be found, will be shown in step 3.

Step 2: Web-to-Case HTML Generator


Go to Set-up Customize Self-Service Web-to-Case HTML Generator

Select from the Available Fields box the fields you want the feedback fields to be linked to. Move them to the Selected box.

If you want to add Salesforce fields that are not present in the Available Fields box click on the link Tell me more to find out how you can add additional fields.

You can uncheck the checkboxes Visible in Self-Service Portal and Include reCaptcha in HTML.

Select the Generate button.

Step 3: Capture case information


From the HTML that is generated you need the value after the label for= for the fields you added.

You also need the Endpoint URL and Salesforce organization id (orgid) from the HTML.

Step 4: Finish API endpoint


Finish the API endpoint of the webhook in Mopinion with the information from step 3. Save the Webhook and contact Mopinion via and provide us with the information from step 3.