A modal will open.

Complete the requested user's details

A. First name

B. Last name

C. Email

D. Department

Add the user to at least one access group

E. Access groups

With the Send email box checked the newly added user will receive login detail on the email address provided at C. Email.

Select to add this new user to your account.

Video example


Modify user details

Go to the avatar → Account

Only the user can update the following own details First name, Last name and Phone.

Modify user profile

Go to the avatar → Profile or Go to Settings → User management → Users and hover over the user profile you want to view. An eye icon will appear. Select the eye icon.

The profile page will open. You can modify the phone number and department of the user.



Only users with editing access rights to the section User management can delete users.

Hover over the user you want to delete and a trashcan icon will appear. Select the trash can icon.

In the modal that opens select to permanently delete the user.

The user is no longer visible in the overview and a User deleted notification will appear to confirm the removal.