How do I update and clear the cache and cookies of my feedback form?

The forms make use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. These files are hosted on our servers. Upon your first encounter with the form your browser stores, these CSS and JavaScript files in its cache memory and in its local storage (sessionStorage) for future quick access. This saves loading time since the files don't need to be retrieved from our server but can come straight from your browser's device (pc, mobile, tablet).

However, if we make changes to the CSS or JavaScript files your browser will not be updated instantly. To make sure your browser has the latest version of the files you can remove the files from your cache and session storage. When these changes have been made the page can be reloaded and the latest version of the survey will be downloaded.

Step 1: Check if you can see the deployment code

Go to your own webpage and open the developer tools by clicking on the icon with 3 dots, in the top right corner, then, ‘More tools’ > ‘Developer tools’.

Open the ‘Elements’ tab, and use ctrl f to search for ‘pastease’. This should give you two results. See the picture below, note, you should have a personal code at the spot of ‘IDNUMBER’:

Step 2: Clearing your cache, cookies, session storage and local storage

Browser cache

If you’ve made any changes to the deployment and the form, your old version will still be in your cache. You, therefore, have to clear your cache. Again, open the developer tools. Now, click and hold on the refresh button, in the top left corner. Click on ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’:


If you use a proactive or exit form, a cookie will be placed to make sure the form will not load again within the refresh period. You can find this period on your Mopinion software page, under ‘Data collection’ > ‘Deployments’. Next, click on the pencil icon of the deployment you wish to edit.

On the right-hand side, drag the form you want to edit to the centre and click on this form. Under ‘Targeting’, you will see the ‘Refresh condition’: 

To trigger a form within the refresh period, you need to delete several cookies. Open the developer tools and go to the ‘Application’ tab. Click on ‘Cookies’ on the left, under ‘Storage’, and select your main domain. Use the ‘Filter’ search bar to search for the cookies that start with ‘MSopened’, ‘MSFeedbackSent’, and all the cookies that contain ‘pastease’. Delete these cookies, by right-clicking on the cookie, and click on ‘delete’:

Local and session storage

If you have also made changes to the design of your form, you will also need to clear your local and session storage. To do this, go to the ‘Console’ tab within the developer tools and type localStorage.clear() and sessionStorage.clear():


Reload your page, and the latest version of your survey will be downloaded.