How to restrict access to a deployment code?

Since deployment codes are not bound by a report, everyone with view or edit deployment rights can view or edit all deployments. It is possible to give or restrict access to specific deployments through the use of access groups. You can restrict deployments to only be accessed by users in selected access groups.

Where to configure this?

Go to Data collectionDeployments

Select the three dots in the deployment and select Access settings.

Select the option Only allow specific access groups for this deployment. Then add the access group(s) that are applied to the user(s) you want to give access to. Once you select UPDATE ACCESS only the users in the selected access groups can view/edit the deployment.

Make sure that the access group you add to the deployment has view or edit rights set in the .

By default, deployment codes are set to Use default access group settings. With this setting, everyone with access group rights set to view or edit for Deployments can respectively view or edit the deployment.