Customer Overview

Sometimes it could be handy to analyse the different feedback items of a certain customer or see how often a customer has provided you with feedback. The following article will give you some more information on this.


To analyse the different feedback items of a customer, your form should contain the contact details element. This way, the feedback of someone who provided feedback with the same email address, will be linked to all the other feedback items with the same email address. If you do not use the contact details element, all items will be linked to an unknown account.

The name and phone number are linked permanently to a certain email address when it is initially submitted with the feedback. If the name and/or phone number for a given email address is different compared to the first time the email address was used, the given name/phone number will not change.

Under ‘Reporting’ > ‘Customers’ in the left-hand panel, you will find the Customer overview. Here, you will find all customers who have provided you with feedback.

In the image above, you, for example, see that Donna Davis gave feedback 3 times, and Michelle Martin twice. The two unknown accounts are from customers who filled out a form without the contact details element. The ID below ‘unknown’ is a random ID such that not all unknown customers are seen as one customer. If you select one of the customers, you will be able to see all the feedback items this customer provided:

If you click on the icon with the 3 dots, on the right of the feedback item, you can choose what to do with this item:

All data received from the contact details are encrypted when saved.

In case your company works with strict privacy regulations, you can also anonymize customer details. This article will explain how you can do this.