Are the Mopinion data processing procedures in accordance with GDPR?

Mopinion has been working closely with its legal team to ensure its platform and services are in compliance with GDPR as well as guarantee that all the necessary legal documentation has been drawn up and in line with the new regulation.

This documentation includes a new Data Processing Addendum (to Terms & Conditions) and a GDPR Processor Contract (also referred to as a Data Processing Agreement, or DPA).

Data Processing Addendum

The Data Processing Addendum is a supplementary document to our existing Terms & Conditions. It clarifies the legal relationship between Mopinion and its customers as well as lays out all-new legal changes to the platform and data processing procedures (all in accordance with GDPR).

The addendum can be found here. 

GDPR Processor Contract

The GDPR Processor Contract is a template for a contract between Mopinion and its clients which includes all agreements about the processing of personal data.

We offer our own GDPR Processor Contract template which is available upon request via this request form.