How do I install Mopinion with Tealium?

Tealium iQ Tag Management (TiQ) is a paid tag management system. Instead of implementing the Mopinion Deployment Code (MDC) directly into your web pages' HTML code, you can install the tag manager script once and control the Mopinion script from within Tealium iQ.


Please refer to for installing the TiQ code snippet. Once you have TiQ set up on your domain, you can implement the Mopinion Deployment Code.

Implement the Mopinion Deployment Code

Step 1: Go to the Tags menu and click the '+ Add Tag' button.

Step 2: A Tag Marketplace modal will appear. Type 'Mopinion' in the search bar. The Mopinion tag will show as a result. Hit the '+ Add' button.

Step 3: Now you can set the Tag Configuration. With Account ID you enter the var id that is unique to your Mopinion Deployment Code. 

The var id can be found as follows:

Step 3a: Open your Mopinion environment in another browser tab. Go to 'Data Collection' -> 'Deployments'.

Step 3b: Click on the ‘<>’ icon to retrieve the Mopinion Deployment Code.

Step 3c: A modal, which contains the Mopinion Deployment Code, will open. Select the value between "" after 'var id='.

The code below is an example. Your code will have a unique var id.

<!-- Mopinion start --><script type="text/javascript">(function(){var id="MDC_unique_key";var js=document.createElement("script");js.setAttribute("type","text/javascript");js.setAttribute("src","//");js.async=true;document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(js);var t=setInterval(function(){try{new Pastease.load(id);clearInterval(t)}catch(e){}},50)})();</script><!-- Mopinion end -->

Step 3d: Paste the unique var id value in the text field after Account ID and hit 'Next'.

Step 4: Set a rule that determines when the Mopinion tag must be loaded. You can create your own rule or what we advise is to check the 'Load on All Pages' option. Then hit the 'Finish' button.

Step 5: Your tag is now ready to be published. Hit the 'Save/Publish' button.

Step 6: Select the environments (Dev, QA and/or Prod) you want the Mopinion tag to be published. Finally, click 'Publish'.