How do I randomize the order of a question's answer options?

In order to minimize the effect of the primacy (respondent has the preference to select the first answer available) and recency (respondent has the preference to select the last answer available) bias on your data, you can randomize the order of a question's answer options.

How does it work?

When the feedback form has loaded, the order of a question's answer options is shown randomly. The order is determined by the form's script.

How to set it up?

You can apply the randomize function to the elements ‘Dropdown', 'Radio button', 'Categories’ and 'Checkbox'.

Select the question for which you want the answers to be showed in random order. Toggle the ‘Randomize options' function, under 'BLOCK’, on.

Every time the form is loaded the question's answer options are shown in random order.

Be aware that if you add the 'Something else' option by toggling the "Add option 'Something else...'" the answer option 'Something else...' will always show last