How do I build an in-app feedback form with the mobile SDK?

Mopinion offers mobile SDKs for iOS and Android apps, to collect in-app feedback with native feedback forms. Please see this page for more details about the SDKs.

To run our mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) you would first have to install the SDK in your Android or iOS app.

Once installed you can build feedback forms in our platform, which will be rendered dynamically in a native interface in your app. Below you will find a step by step instruction to build a mobile in-app feedback survey, how to add it to your SDK deployment and how to preview the survey in our demo app.


The SDKs can be found here with installation instructions for mobile developers:

Lightweight SDK:




SDK for Apps built with React Native




We also offer a React Native package:

If you are looking to build a regular feedback form for mobile web (web-based and responsive instead of native), please check this article: How to build a feedback form?

Step 1: Feedback forms

Go to ‘Data collection’ on the left of the page and click on ‘Feedback forms’.

Step 2: New form

If you haven't made any feedback forms yet, an empty page with just one option 'New form' will appear. Click on this button.

Step 3: In-App Mobile Feedback

Then select the In-App Mobile Feedback Form option and click ‘Start from scratch’:

Step 4: Build form

Give your form a name by clicking on ‘Edit - New feedback form’ at the top of the page. Then add your questions to your form.  All question elements are listed on the right-hand side and are easily added by drag and drop:

A more detailed topic on building forms with tips and tricks can be found here: How do I build a feedback form? 

Step 5: Design form

Once you are happy with the questions you can edit the design of the mobile form (click on ‘DESIGN’ in the top bar). You can edit different style elements such as the submit buttons, the score/rating colours, and header (right bar) colour of the survey:

Step 6: Deploy

The last step is to add the form to your SDK deployment. Go to ‘DEPLOY’ and click on the pencil next to ‘Default in-app deployment’. On the right-hand side, you will find a list with your feedback forms. Select the form you were working on and drag it into the left panel.

Below is an example of the Deployment screen:

Step 7: SDK Deployment ID

When you are done adding your triggers and events you can save the deployment by clicking the green SAVE button at the top right corner. Then you can grab the SDK Deployment ID, by clicking on the ‘<>’ button next to ‘Default in-app deployment’, which should be added to the mobile app by your development team. 


Demo App

You can also use our demo app to preview the form you have made. Just scan the QR code and you're good to go.

You can get our demo apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play store by searching for "Mopinion", or by clicking here:


To preview a web-based version of your mobile feedback form click on the eye icon at the top right corner.


That's it! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask our support team.