A/B testing Mopinion surveys

If you are looking for a way to test two different surveys to see which one gets more responses. this guide is for you. In this article, we will explain how to set up the deployment so only one out of two possible surveys will be shown to a visitor.

Showing one out of two pro-active surveys

The following example will only work for modal or slide-in surveys, it will not work for embedded surveys.

  • Add both surveys to your deployment

Two surveys added to a deployment
  • Set both form triggers to Pro-active

Trigger type of the survey is set to pro-active
  • Set the first survey to show to 50% of users

See for more information on the MSopened cookie.

  • To prevent both surveys from triggering simultaneously we have to set a small delay for the second survey. Toggle on Show form after a specific time on a page and set the time-out to 1 second or more.

The final deployment settings for these two surveys should look like this:

Make sure that the refresh condition setting in the deployment is not set to 0 days or the cookie will not work as intended

Showing one out of two surveys shown by button or on exit intent

  • Add both forms to the deployment

  • Set the Form A to show to 50% of users

  • The Form B should show to 100% of the users, this is the default value so it is not necessary to explicitly set this.

  • Form B should only show when Form A has not been shown. The Form placement options are used to do this. The Form placement options can be found at the bottom of the Targeting panel on the right. Usually these options need to be left at their defaults.

  • Select Form A and choose a unique name in the Form placement options for the Render form into field. For this example the unique div id “surveyContentFormA“ is used.

  • Select Form B and set the “Show based on HTML elements on the page” option to only show the form when the div id, set for Form A, “#surveyContentFormA“ does not exist.

  • Set Form B to show at least 1 second later than Form A

The final settings for the deployment should be the following: