Where do I find all available SDKs?

Mopinion offers mobile SDKs for iOS and Android apps, to collect in-app feedback with native feedback forms. Please see this page for more details about the SDKs.

To run our mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) you would first have to install the SDK in your Android or iOS app.

Once installed you can build feedback forms in our platform, which will be rendered dynamically in a native interface in your app. On https://mopinion.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/1588789269 you will find step-by-step instructions to build a mobile in-app feedback survey, add it to your SDK deployment, and preview the survey in our demo app.

The SDKs with installation instructions for mobile developers can be found on Github and NPM:

Native SDK:

Android: https://github.com/Mopinion-com/mopinion-sdk-android built with Kotlin

iOS: https://github.com/Mopinion-com/mopinion-sdk-ios-swiftpm(via Swift Package Manager) or (via Cocoapods) built with Swift

Web SDK:



SDK for Apps built with React Native

Android:  (this SDK is deprecated. Support will end on 31st of December 2023)

iOS:  (this SDK is deprecated. Support will end on 31st of December 2023)

We also offer a React Native package:


Flutter bridge

Demo app

Preview your Mopinion deployments before you use them in your own app. With the Mopinion Forms app, you can see your feedback forms as they will appear in your own app. Download the app from the Play or App store.




If you are looking to build a regular feedback form for mobile web (web-based and responsive instead of native), please check this article: How do I build a feedback form?