What are the different "action statuses" available?

It is possible to assign actions (tasks) to team members. When you assign an action, the action runs through a couple of phases that we refer to as "action status".

Below you will find the different action statuses we offer within our action management tool.

1. Assigned

The task was assigned to an employee: Assigning tasks to team members, makes it clear who is responsible for which action. When the action is assigned the "assignee" will be notified by email. 

2. Accepted

The task was accepted by the person assigned: The team member, that is assigned to an action, can accept or decline the task. When the action is accepted the "assigner" will be notified by email.

3. Done

The task is done: This step shows that the task is done as well as how the action is being managed. When the action is done the "assigner" will also be notified by email.

4. Completed

The task has been completed: The last step is to let the assignee know that the action has been completed. When the action is completed the "assignee" will also be notified by email.


For more information about assigning actions to team members please read this article.