How do I assign an action from a feedback detail page?

Within your feedback results, you can also assign actions to team members. The action is then linked to a particular feedback result.

To assign an action from a feedback detail page, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Feedback inbox

Go to 'Reporting' on the left-hand side of the page and click on 'Feedback inbox'.

Step 2: Add action

You will see a list of your feedback results. Click on a specific feedback result and a detail page will open. Click on the ‘Add action’ icon (a box with a check sign) to assign an action. 

Step 3: Edit action

Now you can describe your action by adding a name and a description. Fill in a description to let your team member know what kind of action needs to be carried out with this feedback result. And of course, don't forget to select a user to assign your action to.

The assigned user will receive an email notification with the action details.

Step 4: Add to feedback result

If your new action is ready, just click on the blue 'Add action' button to add your action to your feedback result.

Step 5: View details

You can always check your action and view the details by clicking on the action itself.