How do I re-assign an action to another team member?

There are essentially two ways you can re-assign an action:

  1. From the Feedback inbox page

  2. From the Action inbox 

In the first case, your action is always linked to a feedback result. Learn more about that here.

In the second case, actions are not directly linked to any feedback. Therefore these actions are often used for more generic types of tasks. For example to train people, to further investigate an issue, for learning points, etc.

This article concerns the second case: reassigning actions directly from the Action inbox.

To re-assign an action from the action inbox please follow these steps:

Step 1: Manage actions

Go to 'Actions' on the left-hand side of the page and click on 'Manage actions'.

Step 2: Reassign

Now you will see a list with created actions. When creating an action you have to assign the action to a team member. You can re-assign the action by clicking on the action itself, next, on the icon with three dots, then, click on ‘Reassign’.

Step 3: Edit action

Once you've clicked on ‘Reassign', you will see the image below. Use the text box under 'Reassign to’, to find the team member you want to assign the action to and add a comment to let them know the action has been reassigned or something else that's relevant.

Step 4: Save

By clicking on the 'Reassign' button your changes will be saved.