How do I use the reply-to field?

As explained in this article you can reply to feedback by email. However, if a customer responds to this email, the response is sent to This article will explain to you how you can change the address to which the response should be sent.

Step 1: Feedback inbox

Click on 'Reporting' at the sidebar and go to 'Feedback inbox'.

Step 2: Feedback item

Select the feedback result you want to use. Make sure your date selection and report is correct (so as to prevent searching for a specific feedback item under the wrong date selection or report) and click on the feedback item.

Step 3: Reply

Once you've clicked on the feedback item, you will be presented with various feedback details regarding the feedback item. Click on the 'reply' button. (This button is only available if the respondent has filled in his/her email address). 


A modal will show where you can reply to your respondent directly. Add the email address to which the response should be sent in the ‘Reply to’ field:

Now, when a customer replies to your email, it will be directly sent to the specified email address.