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  • It identifies the root of the problem or source of satisfaction. With open-ended questions, customers are given the chance to identify what is or isn’t to their satisfaction and why.

  • It also enables the emerging trends to surface that many surveys often limit or restrict entirely.

  • Issues can be prioritised prioritized quickly and efficiently. For example, by identifying the most frequently used words or using word pairing.

  • Customers’ ideas and suggestions materialise materialize and are elaborated upon, which can lead to an enhanced digital experience.


To find this in the Mopinion software please follow these step:Step 1

Go to 'Reporting' at the top of the page and click on 'Text analytics'. Now you will see a screen with different words. These are the most frequently used by customers by giving their feedback. This is a very handy and quick overview to see how positive and negative customers are in general. The words are shown in different colours. Green (positive), Orange (neutral), Red (negative).

The text analytics techniques:


Frequency of words (word count)