Where to create API credentials?

Sometimes it can be useful to extract data from Mopinion. You can do this by using our API. This article describes where you create the API credentials.

Where find the API menu?

Select Integrations-> Feedback API in the main menu.


Step 1: Feedback API

Click on the CREATE API CONNECTION button.

When you already have a connection and you want to add a new one, select the New API integration button.

Step 2: Name your integration

When you are finished with step 1 there will be a pop-up on your screen. This pop-up should look like the picture below. The next step is to name your integration. Make sure you name your integration something that is recognizable to you and your colleagues. In this case, we will call it ‘Knowledge base article’, because that is what we are using it for.

Step 3: Using the credentials

Now you can see the credentials in the overview. You will have to use those credentials to set up your API. Every integration you make has its own credentials. For information on how to set up your API using your credentials, please see this page: https://developer.mopinion.com/api/

The credentials used in this article are dummies. Do not share your own credentials with others that you do not allow to have access to your feedback and Mopinion configuration.