How do I connect my feedback form to Adobe Analytics?

Step 1: Create a new rule

In Adobe Analytics, create a new rule followed by your naming convention.

Step 2: Create a new event

Step 2a: Mopinion event

Create a new event that points to the corresponding Mopinion event.

Step 2b: Any element

Choose Core > Custom Event and set the event type to ‘any element’.

If you use multiple event types, they will be added as an ‘or’ connection:

Step 3: Add conditions

Add conditions if you have multiple feedback forms on the same page.

Step 4: Variables

Configure the Set Variables component from Adobe Analytics. Access the event details by setting the label to %event.detail.event% :

Step 5: Send Beacon

Configure the Send Beacon component from Adobe Analytics. Send data as (event request):

Step 6

The whole configuration will look as follows:

Step 7: Trigger the events

Go to your feedback form and trigger the specific events. If everything is set up correctly, you will see the event calls triggered in your network console: