How do I remove tags?

Over time you will add various tags to feedback items. But how do you remove these tags afterward when they're no longer relevant? You can either remove a tag from a single item or delete the tag entirely.

How to remove a tag from a single feedback item?

Step 1: Feedback inbox

Go to 'Reporting' on the left of the page and click on 'Feedback inbox'.

Step 2: Feedback overview

You will see an overview of all feedback. 

Step 3: Remove tag

Click on (x) next to the tag, to remove this tag.

How to remove a tag from all feedback items?

Go to SettingsTagsMANAGE TAGS

Select the tag you want to remove

Select the trashcan to remove the tag from all feedback items.

The below modal will ask you to confirm the deletion of the tag.

A confirmation notification will show that the tag has been removed.