How do I setup feedback in an email?

Use-case: If you want to add the first question of your feedback form to an email and want the answer from the email to appear directly into your form.

Build a form with one of the score elements that can be used to create an email snippet.

Step 1: Add a score element

The following score elements can be used in the email.

  • Rating

  • NPS

  • Thumb rating

Step 2: Turn on the toggle 

Select the score element you have added and turn the toggle ‘Use as feedback widget in email' on, under 'BLOCK’. You can now click on the 'Get widget HTML' button.

A modal with an HTML custom email snippet will appear. Click on the button 'Copy'.

Step 3: Paste the HTML snippet into your email

Paste the HTML snippet in your email template at the location where you want the feedback question and answers to appear.


If you use your own HTML, you should only copy the links from the widget, and connect them to the correct properties in your own HTML.