How do I import feedback data from XLS and CSV files?

With Mopinion, you can import feedback data from other tools to your own dashboard.

How does this work?

When you import data make sure it's in CSV or Excel format so that it can be uploaded into our platform. The Mopinion software will identify the data types for each field (open comments, categories, dates, scores such as NPS and Csat, email addresses, etc). 

To upload the feedback data with our drag and drop interface please follow these steps:

Step 1: Datasets

Go to 'Data Collection' on the left of the page and click on 'Datasets'.

Step 2: New dataset

If you haven't imported any data yet, you will see an almost empty page with an option to add a 'New dataset'. Click on this button to drag and drop data files into your dataset. 

Step 3: Add file

Once you have done this you will see the page below. Click on the blue text 'click to browse' to browse through your files and select the document you want. Or directly drop your file into the import panel. 

Step 4: Upload

If you've selected and added a CSV or XLS document, you can upload the file by clicking the 'Upload' button.

Step 5: Create dataset

Now you can set up your data set by giving the data set a name and by checking if all columns from your file are matched up with the correct data type (open comments, score, category, etc).

At the bottom of the page, you will see a green bar with 'Create dataset' to add your document. If your setup is ready click this button (make sure you've filled in all the field types). 

Now your document is uploaded by the Mopinion Data-loader. And you will see that your document is added to your 'datasets'. Your feedback will be directly available on our platform.

Please note: if it is a really large file with hundreds of records it might take a few minutes.