Conversational forms

This article explains how you can build and design a conversational form.

Get things rolling by tuning into our demonstration below:

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A form can consist of multiple elements. You can simply drag and drop the element you require into your form.

Or you select the element and then select where to place it in your form.

At any time you can reorder the elements in your form by simply selecting and dragging them into the position you want.


To edit the text or settings of an element just select it. The edit menu on the right will open. In this menu, you can make the changes. Every element has its own specific settings. For more details on every element please see .


If you require your form to show or hide certain elements based on previous choices made by the respondent you can make use of Logic to do so. Select the Logic menu.

To add specific logic to an element you select the element and select ADD LOGIC.

Depending on the element you selected different options are available.



You have the possibility to style every element in your form. Select the Design menu.


To style an element you select it. On the right hand, the menu shows you all the options that are available to style the element.


The styling you apply to the elements is automatically saved in a custom theme. You can find the theme by selecting the THEME menu.

You can use this custom theme on multiple forms. So once a design has been made you do not have to redo this for every new form.