How do I design the email widget?

Mopinion offers the possibility to add a feedback widget into an email. This element can act as a call to action that will send the recipient to a public landing page where a survey can be filled out. In the following article, we will explain how you can customize your own email widget.

For more information on email widgets, please read this article:

Step 1: Use as feedback widget in email

Select the element you would like to see in your email, and toggle the ‘Use as feedback widget in email' button on, under ‘Build’>‘Block’.

Step 2: Design the widget

Click on ‘Design the widget’. Here, you can switch element and change the style of the widget.

Step 3: Test widget

It is also possible to test the widget, by clicking on ‘Test widget’ at the bottom of the page. Enter the email address you would like to send the test widget to, and provide the subject of the email. Click on the blue ‘Send test email’ button, in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Check email

An email is sent to the address given in Step 3. In the email, you can see the widget you designed. If you select an answer, you will be directed to the full question survey.

Step 5: Get widget HTML

If you are happy with the designed widget, you can click on the blue ‘Get widget HTML’ in the bottom right corner. This article will explain how you can implement the feedback widget in your email.