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Mopinion provides the possibility to add form logic and question logic to your forms. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

Form logic

Form logic is used to prefill your form with text fields, or hide/show questions based on website data. Thus, they are not based on the customer’s answer(s) to certain questions. Please read this article on how to add form logicslogic.

Question logic

Question logics are logic is used to collect specific feedback. It uses logic to go to the next question(s), which differ(s), depending on the customer’s answer(s) given to the previous question. They This can be applied to certain score & question elements. Please read this article on how to add question logics.logic.


Easy html macro
contentByMode{"html":"<div id=\"surveyContent\"></div>","javascript":"var confluenceData = {};\nvar pageId;\nvar pageTitle;\n\ntry {\n confluenceData = JSON.parse(;\n var pageId = confluenceData.options.productContext[''];\n var pageTitle = confluenceData.options.productContext['page.title'];\n} catch(e) {}\n\nvar src = '';\n\nvar vars = {\n key:'211a4fdb96626776846147095cc335b448e20458', \n domain:'', \n divName:'surveyContent', \n button:false, \n use_collect:false, \n useQuerySelectorAll:false\n};\n\nvar s = document.createElement('script');\ns.async = 'async';\ = 'mopinionFeedbackScript';\ns.src = src;\ns.onload = s.onreadystatechange = function() {\n if (!s.readyState || s.readyState === 'loaded' || s.readyState === 'complete') {\n try {\n srv.loadSurvey(vars);\n } catch (e) {}\n }\n}\ndocument.head.appendChild(s);","css":""}