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If you want to get customer feedback from customers via your app, it is possible to deploy the form on your app. This article will explain how you can do this.


Create a new form and select the In-App Mobile Feedback Form. Add the desired elements and design.


Step 2: Deploy

Add your form to an in-app deployment, and set the conditions.


It is common to show the form when an event is fired, for example:


These events need to be implemented in your app first.

Step 3: Add SDK


to your app

To add the feedback form to your app, you need to implement one of our SDKs into your app. Copy the deployment ID when implementing the SDK in your app.



If you would like to test the deployment first, scan the QR code with the Mopinion App.




Easy html macro
contentByMode{"html":"<div id=\"surveyContent\"></div>","javascript":"var confluenceData = {};\nvar pageId;\nvar pageTitle;\n\ntry {\n confluenceData = JSON.parse(;\n var pageId = confluenceData.options.productContext[''];\n var pageTitle = confluenceData.options.productContext['page.title'];\n} catch(e) {}\n\nvar src = '';\n\nvar vars = {\n key:'211a4fdb96626776846147095cc335b448e20458', \n domain:'', \n divName:'surveyContent', \n button:false, \n use_collect:false, \n useQuerySelectorAll:false\n};\n\nvar s = document.createElement('script');\ns.async = 'async';\ = 'mopinionFeedbackScript';\ns.src = src;\ns.onload = s.onreadystatechange = function() {\n if (!s.readyState || s.readyState === 'loaded' || s.readyState === 'complete') {\n try {\n srv.loadSurvey(vars);\n } catch (e) {}\n }\n}\ndocument.head.appendChild(s);","css":""}