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This article will explain how you can send the feedback collected with a Mopinion form to a custom feedback form. You can map the feedback you collect with a Mopinion form to create elements of another form, by using that form's endpoint.

Use the HTML form integration

Go to the Integration tab in the form editor of the Mopinion form that you want to connect to another HTML form.

Here, you can choose to connect to another HTML form.


Make sure that the form you want to connect to, has fields that can be mapped to.

Getting the endpoint and form field names

In the following example, we will use a Google form. Here, the form elements reflect the ones we have in our Mopinion form:

To be able to send the Mopinion data to this form we will need the form endpoint and the name values of the form fields.

To get these values, you can check the network tab, in the developer tools (ctrl+shift+i), when sending a test item with the receiving form.

The endpoint of the form POST can be found by combining the Host and FileName fields, found in the request that is created when you send the test form:

The request tab shows the name fields of the form elements:


In your test request, give recognizable input so you can easily identify the fields that these names represent.

Using these fields in the HTML form integration

Now it is time to set up the integration in Mopinion. By clicking on Add you can add a new HTML form connection.

In the first step, you can fill in the endpoint for the form:

In the second step, you can map the Mopinion form elements to the elements of the second form, by using their HTML name tags we found in the request tab in the previous step:

Image RemovedImage Added

When you have saved the integration it will be shown on the Integration page:

Testing the connection

The connection is now active. When you preview the form in Mopinion and send in a test item, you will receive the custom HTML form if everything has been set up correctly.

Easy html macro
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