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It is not always possible to edit a form to your liking, adding an external JavaScript file could then be helpful. If you, for example, want the feedback button to decrease in size once a visitor has clicked on the form, an external script can be used. This article will explain how you can do this and what the different options are.

Under ‘Build’ > ‘Form’, you can add external JavaScript files.

Click on ‘Add file’ and a pop-up will appear where you can add the file name and URL. Next, you should choose the file scope; outside form dialog, inside form dialog or both.

Outside form dialog only

In this case, the external script only has access to the page where the form is loaded. You could, for example, trigger or collect something based on certain information on the website.

Inside form dialog only

In this case, you can change the form with the external script, but it is not possible to collect data from the website.

Outside and inside form dialog

In this case, both outside and inside form dialog options are possible.

Easy html macro
contentByMode{"html":"<div id=\"surveyContent\"></div>","javascript":"","css":""}