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For the CSS selector option, you can use a tag, a class, an id, or an attribute. If you want to use a class make sure to start with a dot-like this: .my-class. If you want to use an id you should use a hash like this: #my-id. It will add the entire element where the class, id, attribute, or tag is available.

Cookie name

The cookie option works similarly to the previous options. Just use the cookie name and the value will be added to the website data in your feedback results.

Data attribute

The data attribute option catches the data attribute of the closest selected element to the form.


The above, for example, can be used on an FAQ page, whereby people have opened a dropdown for a question, and then fill out the feedback survey. The survey will then get data from the first opened question, which will be received in your feedback inbox.

The results

The additional website data will be added to the feedback as soon as feedback is submitted by your website visitor.