How to see how your customer interacts with the form

Mopinion gives you a way to see which feedback your customers submitted. There is a chance however, not every customer that opened your form submitted it. It can be useful to know these data.

Go to the metrics overview.

To go to the metrics overview you will have to click on data collection, feedback forms. Choose the form you want to know the data from and click on the three dots at the bottom of the block. You will see the metric overview after you click on the 'view metrics' button.

Reading the metrics

Now that you have opened the metrics overview you will see something like this:

In this overview, you can filter on URL and change the date if needed. You can do that at the top. You will be able to see 8 different metrics, these are:

  • Show: the total of times your form was shown to your customers.

  • Sessions: the number of sessions this form was on.

  • Completes: the total of times your form was completed and submitted.

  • Conversions: The percentage of opens that were submitted.

  • Closed before complete: this is the total of customers who opened the form but left closed the form before submitting it.

  • Triggered by passive / proactive / exit: the amount of times your form was triggered by a certain action. You can read more about triggers in this article: