How do I build a chart with chart templates?

New to feedback analysis on the Mopinion platform? No problem, we are here to help you out with building your own charts "the easy way". You can do this by using our predefined chart templates. Just read the instructions below.

Step 1: Dashboard

Go to your dashboard and click on 'Reporting > Dashboard' in the main menu.

Step 2: New chart

Click on ‘+ CHARTS', in the bottom right corner, then 'New chart’, to set up your own charts.

Step 3: Templates

Create a chart quickly by choosing predefined charts/templates. Click ‘Templates’.

Note: The "Start from scratch" option is for more experienced users with experience in data analysis. 

Step 4: Select data source

Select your data source and choose your visualization. This can either be a feedback form or data from a CSV or XLS file that you have just imported.

Step 5: Select template

Select a template for your chart.

You can also filter on a specific data field inside your form to view possible charts for that data field:

Step 6: Save to dashboard

When the chart is created, click on ‘Save to dashboard’.

Well done, now your chart is successfully added to your dashboard!