Google Analytics (GA) plugin allows you to easily track Google Analytics parameters by adding your UA-code to a feedback form. Once your UA-code has been added, GA will then automatically be loaded into the form with the matching UA-code, enabling you to track all regular GA parameters from GA itself.

If you are using GA 4 you can also use the default GA integration but it is currently not possible to use a custom tracking code other than the one present on the page.

Here is how to connect your GA account to a feedback form:

Step 1: Form

Within your feedback form, click on Integration at the top of the page

Step 2: GA integration

Turn ON the toggle for Google Analytics Integration

If you want to use a different Google Analytics ID than what is used for your website:

Using a different ID is currently not yet possible for GA 4

Click on 'Customize Tracking ID', a new column will appear where you can add your desired Google Analytics ID:

Step 3: Save

Save your form by clicking on the green ‘SAVE’ button in the top right corner, and your Google Analytics account will be connected to your form.

Preview of Mopinion feedback in Google Analytics

Top events overview:

Example overview: Top events / Event actions: