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Choose your data set. Then, drag and drop one of your scores. For example, let's use GCR (Goal Completion Rate). For GCR, typically you want to analyze 3 different values: Yes, Partially and No. Therefore, you have to select the same data series 3 times. Just click on this score 3 times and you will see 3 labels of these series above your chart.


It is also possible to compare data fields from different data sources in one chart.


It is only possible to use matching data series. For example, only NPS with NPS.


Edit your charts

Step 6

Now you can set up the following for your data series: name, colour, calculation, the number of decimals, sort data and limit. 


  • Change the stack series

  • Turn on/off the X- axis and/or Y-axis labelEdit the scale of your chart.

  • Manually or automatically adjust the min and max of the Y-axis scale

  • Turn on/off your data labels inside the chart

  • Turn on/off your legend