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Under the ‘Build’ tab > ‘Add’, you will find several different elements you can add to your form. This article will explain to you what each of the elements can be used for.



This element is used to rate something, for example, you could use this if you want to know how your customers would score a certain product. This can be done with Stars, Numbers, Signs (-/+) and Emojis.


This element is used if you want to know whether (and how often) a customer likes or dislikes something.


Single Line Input & Text Area:


Radio Button & Checkbox:

These are both multiple-choice elements. A customer can only select 1 answer with a radio button element , and can select multiple answers with the checkbox element.


These two are handy if you have several questions with the same possible answers. Likert is used if you only have 1 set of answers, matrix is used if you have 2 sets of answers.


Link & Multimedia:

This is used if you want to add a link or image to your feedback form for customers to view.


Section break adds a space between questions on the same page. Whereas page break ensures that all answers before the page break are submitted when you go to the next page in the form. This article tells you a little more about page breaks.